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Your CLPOA membership fees support the Association’s priority initiatives that are focused on Water Quality & Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), Safety, Social/Recreational Events and Communications. Here are the details including the specific benefits to you…

Water Quality and Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

As outlined in the Constitution, one of the most important roles of the CLPOA is to help protect the lake from pollution as well as pests and noxious weeds. With that in mind, several CLPOA initiatives have been established to safeguard the health of the lake for your benefit – now and in the future:


  • A multi-year scientific project in conjunction with Trent University is studying the control and mitigation of the Aquatic Invasive Species, Eurasian watermilfoil
  • A Lake Steward maintains records of the chemical and biological status of the lake, checking for foreign species, algae growth, etc.
  • A Love Chandos Lake environmental program provides promotion and education on the actions and active roles everybody can take to ensure water quality
  • Paleolimnological Research by Western University provided a scientific benchmark of the lake’s status for future comparison and research
Feel really proud of our lake association looking out for the health of our lake and owners peace of mind.

Eileen Daly


CLPOA volunteers place over 110 markers in the lake in May and remove them in October, using a large pontoon boat and a GPS tablet that provides placement coordinates. The markers call attention to some lake hazards to help you navigate as you safely operate your water crafts.

Thank you to all involved for making navigation in the lake much safer. We appreciate the work and commitment.

Nancy Wall

Social/Recreational Events

Expanding the sense of community at Chandos Lake is what the CLPOA is trying to do its best to support. That’s why volunteer time, effort, and energy are put into running social & recreational events/programs such as the:



When you and your family & friends participate in these events/programs – or volunteer – you’ll have fun, meet new people and create traditions & memories that you will all talk about for years to come.

Our lake has become my place to “come home to” and having all the wonderful events and getting to know more people on the lake is a big part of that.

Sarah Christine


The CLPOA’s objectives for maintaining a website & Facebook Group, issuing year-round emails, as well as publishing an annual Yearbook, are to keep you connected, informed, and up-to-date on everything Chandos.

Love the posts, so great to follow what’s happening on Chandos!

Mark White

Our go-to page every day for sure.

Gordon Brown

As a member of the CLPOA, you are also a member of FOCA, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations. Find out about all the current offers and benefits of being a FOCA member at: Request the FOCA login details by emailing