Hawkes Bay Winter Festival

Photo: Joan Rocha

You are invited to the annual Hawkes Bay Winter Festival on Family Day weekend in February. Since 2011, this wonderful winter tradition has been creating fun-filled memories for all ages with…


  • A Curling Tournament on 2 rinks
  • Rinks for Hockey and Skating
  • A Potluck meal


Come by snowmobile, car, sled or on foot. (One year two guests arrived from Peterborough by personal aircraft to join in the fun!) 


Location: 200 Trotter Oitment Road, Chandos Lake


Date: Sunday Feb. 16, 2020 (Family Day Weekend)


Time: Anytime after 1:00 pm


Any questions? Contact Grant Gilmour at grant@grantgilmour.com or 416-409-0325