Board of Directors


Dave Taillefer


I bought my cottage on Chandos Lake in 1999, and have spent just about every weekend from May through October in addition to vacation time, and many other “off season” weekends at the cottage. The cottage was the place that my girlfriend turned into my fiancé, and subsequently my wife. Our family grew, with now having two young kids whose favorite place in the world is same as ours, the cottage. Both kids have learned how to swim, hike, paddle, fish, and many other activities up at our little piece of heaven. Although truth be told, any activity that ended with a stop at one of the marina’s for ice cream was their favorite (and mine).


After years of enjoying the family activities that the CLPOA has to offer, I decided that it was my time to follow the lead of my father, who was also a long time CLPOA volunteer, and get involved. This had initially led me to being one of the “boys who handles the buoys”. For the past couple of years, I have participated, and now become in charge of getting the crew together to ensure that the 100+ Yellow Hazard Markers are properly positioned throughout Chandos Lake in the Spring, and the subsequent removal and storage of these buoys in the Fall.


In addition to my participation as a Director on the CLPOA, I have volunteered for multiple non-profit organizations and have sat on a couple different environmental, governmental, or youth advocacy focused boards and committees. I hope that my time on the CLPOA will work to advocate for the continued safety on the lake, as well as ensuring that the CLPOA and its members work harmoniously with each other, other agencies, as well as the different levels of government.

Elspeth Gaukrodger

(Vice-President Secretary)

While renting along the Narrows in 2002 we fell in love with Chandos and were intrigued by the annual Yearbook. The following summer during a rainy week on Chandos we explored cottages for sale and spontaneously bought one. It was a brilliant decision that has provided many summers of wonderful times with family and friends. Most recently, I convinced my siblings to buy the neighbouring cottage.
Overtime I’ve come to appreciate the contribution of the Chandos Lake Property Owners Association, including the Yellow Lake Markers, environmental initiatives and multiple social events.


I previously volunteered as the Craigleith Ski Club Treasurer and I worked in Corporate Development for Canadian and International companies. Since retiring, I am now spending more time at the lake and decided it was time to start contributing to the wellbeing of Chandos and the cottage community.

Lyn Turnbull

(Vice-President, Membership Secretary, and Deputy Chair of the Constitutional/Corporate Governance and Nominations)

After we both retired, my husband Duncan and I bought our cottage on Chandos Lake in 2011 and we immediately loved the lake.  In 2017, we wanted to become more involved so we volunteered to take on the membership role on the CLPOA board.  Currently, I am the Membership Director and Duncan is the chairperson of the membership committee.


I am also a volunteer member of the Constitutional Amendment Committee set up by the Secretary to modernize the CLPOA Constitution pursuant to current and pending legislation.  We worked over the winter to identify the most pressing amendments, which are being put to the membership for a vote in advance of the 2020 AGM.

Debbie Kirton

(Vice-President, Treasurer, and Chair of the Finance Committee)

I have owned a cottage on Chandos Lake since 2003, however I have been cottaging on the lake all my life as my grandfather built a cottage here over 60 years ago.   I first became a member of the C.L.P.O.A. Board in 2006 as a Director at Large, stepping down 9 years later.  I rejoined in the fall of 2019 and assumed the role of Treasurer.


My priorities as Treasurer are to ensure the financial stability of our Association and to ensure transparency in all we do.  Currently enjoying retirement,  I believe my 30 years experience in middle management along with my organizational and communication skills help me work effectively towards achieving the goals of our Association.


I appreciate working with the C.L.P.O.A. Board Members who are all dedicated to the continued enjoyment and preservation of our beautiful lake, values I share.   In addition I have come to appreciate the time and effort put in by the many dedicated volunteers who organize and run the programs and events available to all of us each year.   Being a part of the Board, and this lake community, is very important to me.


I look forward to the challenges ahead and another year working on the Chandos Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors.

 Other Directors

Debra Anthony

(Director, Chair of the Canoe Kayak Day Committee and Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee)

My family has been “cottaging” since 1985, first renting, and then purchasing our own cottage in 1998. We have since moved two more times and three years ago found the perfect spot on Chandos. Joining the lake association, wherever we are, has been important to us as we feel the need to support and be part of the community.


I first got involved with CLPOA through the environment committee, a natural extension of my other volunteer work in horticulture and environmental education.
As I have become more involved, I am taking on other tasks within the CLPOA.


It is my wish to advocate and care for the lake and environment in a way that preserves the health and beauty of what we already have while still allowing for the full participation in the cottage experience.

Barry Evans


The Evans family purchased on Winters Bay in 2000. It has been a joy since then and a focal point for gatherings of family and friends. The cottagers we have met around the lake have been fantastic, and always willing to help out. Two years ago we had the cottage renovated and an extension put on so we can now enjoy the winter as well.


I decided to join the Board of Directors after advising the board on some insurance issues, and realizing that this Board has helped maintain Chandos as one of the premier and pristine lakes in Ontario. With their stewardship of the lake and activities on it Chandos has remained peaceful and friendly.


When I am not enjoying my time at the lake, I am actively practicing with my two sons in Personal Injury Law and Insurance Litigation out of our office in Oshawa. With COVID, I have been able to work from my office, home or cottage. I have also spent 10 years on the Board of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, and have served as National Legal Advisor to Mensa Canada since 2004. From 1978 to 1982 I was a councillor for the Town of Whitby, and chaired the Planning Committee.

Ed Legzdins


My wife Sandy and I purchased our first cottage near The Narrows in 1996. We moved to our current spot on the main part of the lake in 2002 and built a new cottage several years ago. We enjoy all aspects of cottaging, but in particular, enjoy “being on the water”.


I was first attracted to Chandos by its high quality lake water and the diligence by which its cottagers, through the CLPOA, strive to preserve it. Maintaining this focus is my first priority. My other priority is to ensure proper governance over the development of Chandos to ensure that future generations will be able to continue to enjoy Chandos as we have.


I am a Chartered Accountant/Chartered Professional Accountant by profession, but spent the bulk of my career in senior executive roles in Wealth Management and International Banking at BMO. I have served as a director of numerous corporate, regulatory, industry association, international business council and charity boards. I have recently retired, so am spending significant time at the cottage. My career involved very extensive travel, but I was always happy returning to Canada, and in particular, to Chandos!

John Lovatsis


Our family for many years had looked into purchasing a cottage and in 2019 we came upon a listing here on Chandos Lake. My sister had many times spoken about how much she enjoyed when visiting with the Bird’s at their cottage on Chandos Lake. So, on a very cold and snowy day in January of 2019 we made the trek north to view the property. Suffice to say my wife Ann Marie and our son William loved what we saw and subsequently purchased our cottage in March of 2019. Located in a very quiet and secluded bay we all knew immediately that this cottage and it’s very quiet and tucked away location would provide us with a lifetime of memories for our family and friends to share and enjoy.


In the fall of 2022, I was approached by the President of the CLPOA Alan Bird and asked to see if I would be willing to take over the role of Advertising lead for the CLPOA yearbook. This role has allowed me to meet so many of the great people, service providers, and businesses that continue to provide our community with the services that make Chandos and North Kawartha a special place to live, work and enjoy. As a result of my role leading the advertising for the CLPOA yearbook it was an easy decision to join the CLPOA board when asked and offer my insights and support to the continued well being and future to this great community we call Chandos Lake!!


When not at the lake, I have worked at a number of high profile organizations in senior sales leadership roles over the past 35 years. For the past 10 years, I have managed the Canadian division for FIRST BRANDS Group within the Canadian automotive marketplace, and most notably managing our business partnership with Canadian Tire. I have also been a minor hockey volunteer coach in the past enjoying the experience of bringing a love for our great game to kids from the ages of 5 to 13.

Sheila McKinlay


We have owned our Chandos cottage property – which is located on the north-east point of the Gilmour Bay narrows – for over 13 years now. It was a long-held dream to have a family cottage some day and the experience has proven to be just as rewarding and enjoyable as my husband (Jamie Halfnight) and I anticipated. As our children and grandchildren also come to know and love the cottage, we increasingly realize the importance of the CLPOA’s efforts to preserve and protect the lake and enhance the surrounding community’s enjoyment of all it has to offer.


I am now a few years’ into retirement, spending more time at the lake and would like to contribute to the CLPOA’s work. I have attended events and AGM’s over the years and have always been impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the individuals who volunteer their time and energy to the organization. I recognize that there is a great deal to learn about the CLPOA’s operations and initiatives and I’m keen to do so. I have a particularly strong interest in the environmental committee’s initiatives and my career-related knowledge and experience may be of value to the planning and other committees, as well. I practiced law for over 30 years in Toronto, as a commercial litigator in a small firm in which I also took on a variety of management roles. My practice was primarily in the general liability and property insurance fields, and I acted for both insurers and insureds.


My husband Jamie and I are keen hikers and canoeists and our whole family (incl 7 children and 9 grandchildren) are avid campers. These interests have translated into a strong drive on our part to support environmental causes and an awareness of the need to respect the natural environment in our everyday lives. I am so appreciative of the work done by the CLPOA to protect the lake and to promote a collegial spirit in its community of cottagers, and hope to be able to make a meaningful contribution to those ongoing efforts.

Craig Morrison

(Director and Chair of the Communications Committee)

My wife and I are newcomers to Chandos, having purchased a property on the narrows in the spring of 2017.


With the basics of the cottage now in order, I recently began to dedicate some of my time and energy to the organization which I know works tirelessly to improve the lake experience and indeed to a cause which will play an increasing part in our lives in the years to come.  With the help of long time cottager Iain Gorman I handle the media and communications for the CLPOA, which includes the website, surveys, emails and the Facebook group amongst others.


The recent purchase of a pontoon boat just prior to the August 1st long weekend in 2019 has only furthered our interest in preserving the area and respect for those managing the yellow markers.


We do still both work full-time, my wife at a software firm, myself in IT at a large bank, we are however looking forward to the days when our time at the cottage is an uninterrupted Victoria Day to Thanksgiving stretch!

Tania Rightmyer


I have enjoyed many Chandos Lake sunsets for the past 45 years, when my parents built their dream cottage themselves after purchasing a lot in the narrows in 1977. I am very proud and appreciate the value of their hard work building the cottage on weekends while working all week. We came every weekend all year round enjoying every season Chandos has to offer. My family spent many hours volunteering at the Regatta, Corn and Wiener Roast and helping with lake markers. Not only have I enjoyed meeting people at these events but so have my two adult children, Taylor and Kennedy. This past summer I had my dream wedding, getting married on the dock to my husband Craig.


While not at the cottage, I am getting closer to retirement in the next year with my career as a Secondary Cooperative Education Teacher at a school that is the catchment area for students in the Apsley area. With my most recent role as a Board Consultant focusing on opening doors for students interested in careers in the Skilled Trades, I have been able to create many community partnerships. During that time, I enjoyed volunteering on the Board of Directors with the OYAP Coordinators Provincial Affiliation.


I decided to put my name forward to join the CLPOA board as I value the hard work of the members keeping the lake pristine and enjoyable for all and decided it was time for me to give back. Having previously owned a cottage rental business for several years and currently completing my real estate license I am uniquely qualified to provide advice, support, and share lessons I have learned regarding renting while respecting the lake and neighbours alike.
Eventually we plan to become permanent residence and will enjoy many more Chandos Lake sunsets. I look forward to meeting many new people through my role on the board.

Michelle Schachtschneider


I have been cottaging since I was in the womb! My parents were one of the first cottagers on Loon Call Lake back in the 50s (where the original cottage was road-less and toilet-less!) but our family has been on Chandos Lake for over 30 years (now thankfully enjoying outhouse-free cottaging).


My daughter continued the cottage tradition when she was younger, taking swimming lessons at Chandos beach and tubing around the lake with the wonderful friends we made in our lake community. Now that we’re all a bit older, we prefer slightly tamer past-times such as hiking and paddle-boarding but still cherish our time at the lake and in the larger Kawarthas community. We are enthusiastic supporters and patrons of local establishments and events including annual Studio Tours, the Coehill fair, Kawartha winery, Buckhorn arts festival and many more!


With the move to more remote work in the last couple of years (for those who were privileged enough to do so), we look forward to spending even more of our time up north. Although I’m currently Counsel at Ontario’s Ministry of Energy, where I’ve been for over a decade, I must admit I am aiming for an early retirement to better enjoy our beautiful lake with family and friends. What better time to participate as a CPLOA Board member?

Kathy Verduyn

(Director, Education)

The Verduyn family has enjoyed Chandos Lake since 1978 when we bought our first cottage. Over twenty-five years ago we bought a second cottage, replaced it with our dream home, and became permanent residents. Last year we downsized to a smaller, four – season cottage that we are currently renovating. Our three daughters enjoyed wonderful cottage experiences growing up, and now with their husbands and families, continue to make Chandos Lake a family destination and gathering spot. One of our daughters and her family have their own cottage on the lake.


My professional background is in the field of education. I was a teacher, school principal, Superintendent, and Director of Education for a neighbouring school board, then worked for the Ministry of Education. I have also been a Rotarian for over 10 years, serving in various roles including that of club president.


Throughout our many years on Chandos Lake, our family – now including eight grandchildren – has benefited from the hard work of C.L.P.O.A., from water quality and safety measures to social events. Now that I am retired and have more time to devote to volunteer work, I look forward to contributing to the work of this worthwhile organization.

Alan Bird


The Bird family first joined the Chandos Lake family after purchasing our cottage in 1976. For the past 44 years, I have enjoyed every summer swimming, boating, water skiing, spending time with family, and most importantly, building many incredible friendships with my fellow cottagers. The cottage to me is a place that “Keeps families together” and that has proven true over the years as I first introduced my wife Alison and subsequently our three daughters – Kristin, Lexie and Lauren to life on Chandos. Together, we enjoy most summer weekends and several winter weekends hosting friends and building memories.


My decision to join the board of the CLPOA was a result of the many years that I and my family have been able to enjoy life on Chandos and a way for me to give back to the community that has provided a clean lake, the variety of social events, and the continuous effort offered up by our Association to ensure our lake is as safe as possible.


When I’m not enjoying my time at the lake, I’m professionally focused onbringing innovative technology and competitive leasing programs to the Canadian automotive marketplace, a motivation which has allowed me to build a very satisfying 30 year career, one that continues today. Along with joining your CLPOA board, I am also an active member of the board at the Automotive Business School of Canada at Georgian College and the Chair of their Marketing Advisory Committee. Over the years I have supported many charities and most recently have become an active volunteer with Children’s Wish.

Sean Godfrey

(Board Candidate)

When my girls were just 8 and 10 we bought our place on Chandos Lake the July long weekend in 2010.


It was an idyllic start to a love affair with the lake that has never ended!


Our girls spent every waking moment that first summer outside or in the water exploring, creating memories that would last a lifetime, laughing, playing, swimming, fishing and always the excitement of the boat trip to get ice creams!
Campfires, s’mores and guitar singalongs …Perfect still morning swims and coffee on the dock watching the loons dive for their breakfast while the mist rose over the bay.


I have now relocated full time to our weekend and summer home ..
and love living here full time !


I have volunteered on the boards of both independent schools and the Charles H Best Diabetes Centre for Type I diabetic children …and work full time as a community based consultant pediatrician in Peterborough.


And I can still be found fishing hopelessly off the end of our dock much to the amusement of my now grown children!

Mike Lucassen

(Board Candidate)

My wife Gloria and I purchased our land here back in 1999 when we were still living and working in Southern California. Originally from Canada, we did enjoy our time in the U.S. but really missed the 4 seasons and nature, so we made plans to move back. We explored areas in British Columbia and Atlantic Canada but picked a spot back in Apsley, just one lake north of where we used to live on Jack Lake….Chandos !
More specifically, It’s a little lake just off Chandos called Little Loon Lake (aka Donna), at the end of the peninsula in Chandos Lake.
We love the peace and quiet and enjoy being surrounded by nature. Our kids call us “tree-huggers”, and we certainly agree with that description.


My interest in joining the board is to promote improvements to our water resources (quality and fish stock), as well as community safety (people and property), ultimately in conjunction with township and other government agency initiatives and programs.


I am happily retired now after spending my working years managing QA and Operations for large multinational food and beverage companies. Over the years I have spent a tremendous amount of time traveling and away from home so now it’s great to be able to stay home and focus on our grandchildren and our 3 German Shepherd dogs.
It has been wonderful to be able to give our grandkids the chance to spend time up north with us and make some lifetime memories walking the trails in the forest, and fishing and swimming in the lake.