Board of Directors


Alan Bird


The Bird family first joined the Chandos Lake family after purchasing our cottage in 1976. For the past 44 years, I have enjoyed every summer swimming, boating, water skiing, spending time with family, and most importantly, building many incredible friendships with my fellow cottagers. The cottage to me is a place that “Keeps families together” and that has proven true over the years as I first introduced my wife Alison and subsequently our three daughters – Kristin, Lexie and Lauren to life on Chandos. Together, we enjoy most summer weekends and several winter weekends hosting friends and building memories.


My decision to join the board of the CLPOA was a result of the many years that I and my family have been able to enjoy life on Chandos and a way for me to give back to the community that has provided a clean lake, the variety of social events, and the continuous effort offered up by our Association to ensure our lake is as safe as possible.


When I’m not enjoying my time at the lake, I’m professionally focused onbringing innovative technology and competitive leasing programs to the Canadian automotive marketplace, a motivation which has allowed me to build a very satisfying 30 year career, one that continues today. Along with joining your CLPOA board, I am also an active member of the board at the Automotive Business School of Canada at Georgian College and the Chair of their Marketing Advisory Committee. Over the years I have supported many charities and most recently have become an active volunteer with Children’s Wish.

Dave Taillefer

(Vice-President, Secretary and Chair of the Planning Committee)

I bought my cottage on Chandos Lake in 1999, and have spent just about every weekend from May through October in addition to vacation time, and many other “off season” weekends at the cottage. The cottage was the place that my girlfriend turned into my fiancé, and subsequently my wife. Our family grew, with now having two young kids whose favorite place in the world is same as ours, the cottage. Both kids have learned how to swim, hike, paddle, fish, and many other activities up at our little piece of heaven. Although truth be told, any activity that ended with a stop at one of the marina’s for ice cream was their favorite (and mine).


After years of enjoying the family activities that the CLPOA has to offer, I decided that it was my time to follow the lead of my father, who was also a long time CLPOA volunteer, and get involved. This had initially led me to being one of the “boys who handles the buoys”. For the past couple of years, I have participated, and now become in charge of getting the crew together to ensure that the 100+ Yellow Hazard Markers are properly positioned throughout Chandos Lake in the Spring, and the subsequent removal and storage of these buoys in the Fall.


In addition to my participation as a Director on the CLPOA, I have volunteered for multiple non-profit organizations and have sat on a couple different environmental, governmental, or youth advocacy focused boards and committees. I hope that my time on the CLPOA will work to advocate for the continued safety on the lake, as well as ensuring that the CLPOA and its members work harmoniously with each other, other agencies, as well as the different levels of government.

Lyn Turnbull

(Vice-President, Membership Secretary, and Deputy Chair of the Constitutional/Corporate Governance and Nominations)

After we both retired, my husband Duncan and I bought our cottage on Chandos Lake in 2011 and we immediately loved the lake.  In 2017, we wanted to become more involved so we volunteered to take on the membership role on the CLPOA board.  Currently, I am the Membership Director and Duncan is the chairperson of the membership committee.


I am also a volunteer member of the Constitutional Amendment Committee set up by the Secretary to modernize the CLPOA Constitution pursuant to current and pending legislation.  We worked over the winter to identify the most pressing amendments, which are being put to the membership for a vote in advance of the 2020 AGM.

Debbie Kirton

(Vice-President, Treasurer, and Chair of the Finance Committee)

I have owned a cottage on Chandos Lake since 2003, however I have been cottaging on the lake all my life as my grandfather built a cottage here over 60 years ago.   I first became a member of the C.L.P.O.A. Board in 2006 as a Director at Large, stepping down 9 years later.  I rejoined in the fall of 2019 and assumed the role of Treasurer.


My priorities as Treasurer are to ensure the financial stability of our Association and to ensure transparency in all we do.  Currently enjoying retirement,  I believe my 30 years experience in middle management along with my organizational and communication skills help me work effectively towards achieving the goals of our Association.


I appreciate working with the C.L.P.O.A. Board Members who are all dedicated to the continued enjoyment and preservation of our beautiful lake, values I share.   In addition I have come to appreciate the time and effort put in by the many dedicated volunteers who organize and run the programs and events available to all of us each year.   Being a part of the Board, and this lake community, is very important to me.


I look forward to the challenges ahead and another year working on the Chandos Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors.

 Other Directors

Debra Anthony

(Director, Chair of the Canoe Kayak Day Committee and Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee)

My family has been “cottaging” since 1985, first renting, and then purchasing our own cottage in 1998. We have since moved two more times and three years ago found the perfect spot on Chandos. Joining the lake association, wherever we are, has been important to us as we feel the need to support and be part of the community.


I first got involved with CLPOA through the environment committee, a natural extension of my other volunteer work in horticulture and environmental education.
As I have become more involved, I am taking on other tasks within the CLPOA.


It is my wish to advocate and care for the lake and environment in a way that preserves the health and beauty of what we already have while still allowing for the full participation in the cottage experience.

Barry Evans


The Evans family purchased on Winters Bay in 2000. It has been a joy since then and a focal point for gatherings of family and friends. The cottagers we have met around the lake have been fantastic, and always willing to help out. Two years ago we had the cottage renovated and an extension put on so we can now enjoy the winter as well.


I decided to join the Board of Directors after advising the board on some insurance issues, and realizing that this Board has helped maintain Chandos as one of the premier and pristine lakes in Ontario. With their stewardship of the lake and activities on it Chandos has remained peaceful and friendly.


When I am not enjoying my time at the lake, I am actively practicing with my two sons in Personal Injury Law and Insurance Litigation out of our office in Oshawa. With COVID, I have been able to work from my office, home or cottage. I have also spent 10 years on the Board of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, and have served as National Legal Advisor to Mensa Canada since 2004. From 1978 to 1982 I was a councillor for the Town of Whitby, and chaired the Planning Committee.

Alex Haney

(Director and Chair of the Environment Committee)

I am a long-standing member of Chandos Lake community, my family has had a cottage on Gilmour Bay for 15 plus years. I have spent a large portion of my life on the lake and I am very passionate about its conservation and protection.


I wanted to get more involved in the local community and joined the CLPOA Board of Directors in 2017. To present I have served as the Love Chandos Lake Director, lead of the environmental branch of the CLPOA. In this role, along with the Love Chandos Lake Committee, we run educational display tents atassociation events, conduct annual water quality testingand initiate environmental research projects. My most notably project to date is the spearheading of the Eurasian Watermilfoil Management Project in 2018.


Academically and professionally, my background is in the environment, with a focus on restoration ecology, invasive species and resource management. I have a Bachelor’s of Environment, Resource and Sustainability from the University of Waterloo. Since graduating I have worked in the environmental sector:  conducting environmental outreach, field research, data collection and report writing. Some companies I have worked for include:  the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate change, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.


I look forward to continuing working the CLPOA board, volunteers and members to protect and preserve the environment of Chandos Lake.

Barry McMillan

(Director and Deputy Chair of the Finance Committee)

I have been a member of the CLPOA and a cottage owner on Chandos Lake for 13 years.   Recently retired as an executive in the Automotive Industry and an accountant by profession (CPA), I now hope to channel my energy and experience to voluntary opportunities as a member of the CLPOA Board of Directors.  I am not new to participating on voluntary boards as I am former board member of the Arthritis Society of Ontario.


Since becoming a cottager on the lake, my family and I have embraced cottage life on Chandos.  Impressed by the CLPOA team, I am offering my time and efforts to the organization and its work on the Lake.   In particular, I would hope to focus on enhancing the cottage life experience and ensuring the environmental protection of the region and lake. Additionally, I would like to ensure that cottagers have a strong voice in regional government decision making.


By way of professional background, I spent much of my early career in financial management with an international Telco and a major Canadian Bank.  From there I progressed into executive management where I used my innate ability to build and deliver on business plans, establishing successful enterprises for numerous multinational partners and shareholders.  These organizations thrived in the Equipment Finance, Automotive Leasing and Finance, and Technology Service Provider sectors.


I very much look forward to serving the Chandos Lake community on the CLPOA Board of Directors.

Craig Morrison

(Director and Chair of the Communications Committee)

My wife and I are newcomers to Chandos, having purchased a property on the narrows in the spring of 2017.


With the basics of the cottage now in order, I recently began to dedicate some of my time and energy to the organization which I know works tirelessly to improve the lake experience and indeed to a cause which will play an increasing part in our lives in the years to come.  With the help of long time cottager Iain Gorman I handle the media and communications for the CLPOA, which includes the website, surveys, emails and the Facebook group amongst others.


The recent purchase of a pontoon boat just prior to the August 1st long weekend in 2019 has only furthered our interest in preserving the area and respect for those managing the yellow markers.


We do still both work full-time, my wife at a software firm, myself in IT at a large bank, we are however looking forward to the days when our time at the cottage is an uninterrupted Victoria Day to Thanksgiving stretch!

Kathy Robichaud

(Director and Chair of the Corn & Weiner Roast Committee and Deputy Chair of the Regatta Committee)

After cottaging for 5 years on a small lake in the area,  we decided to re-locate to Chandos in 1996.  First in Gilmour Bay and in 2007 we moved into the Estates.


I joined the Board in 1997 as Director of the Corn Roast.


Spending Summers at Chandos with our family, we realized the importance of maintaining the quality of the lake and ensuring social events on the lake continue for the next generations.


We have met many wonderful people through our volunteering and have maintained these relationships over the years.


My involvement on the Board continued to expand as I help with Regatta, help with the Fishing Derby, look after our event trailer and just last year stepped up as 2nd V.P.  On my own, I have organized the Chandos Art Festival for 6 years as there are many talented Artists in our area and always a thirst for more events on our lake.  This is just an extension of my involvement with the Apsley Autumn Studio Tour.


As a Family,  we are almost at the end of very successful business careers and plan on retiring to Chandos in the near future.


Always happy to help and always happy to welcome Volunteers.

Eugene Telka

(Director and Chair of the Fireworks Committee)

We were introduced to the lake by my psychological practice partner, Dr. Lee Smith who generously let us stay in his cottage in South Bay for about one week in the summers of 1996 and 1997. We fell in love with the lake and on the occasion of our second summer in his cottage, we (mostly I) decided to find a way to own property on the lake.. We discovered a listing for property in the channel into South Bay, which was on Friday and by Monday we were proud owners of 3/4 acre property which was some 120 feet up from the lake. My wife was aghast at the speed of the purchase and saw the purchase as my mid life crisis. She thought I would set up a tent on the property and several years later, probably sell the property. I kept telling her that I planned to build a cottage which probably fell on deaf ears. With the arrival of the millenium in 2000, I decided that rather than take our whole family on an exotic cruise, I would start the construction of our cottage. I found a mature student who was studying to become an architect and we had spent many hours in 1999 working on a design. The construction started in 2000 and the architect became the General Contractor. We worked on this project for 5 years on weekends and holidays with a lot help from my 5 boys, their partners, my father, relatives and friends. In April, 2, 2005 we moved into the unfinished cottage and I am still working on finishing the cottage. What initially started as a cottage, evolved into our permanent home.


I am presently Director of Fireworks for the CLPOA.. The idea for the fireworks show evolved from July 1 fireworks show organized by my oldest son, Rob. It was held on our dock every July 1 starting in 2010, to rave reviews by cottagers who watched the show from their boats. I was asked by the CLPOA to organize a fireworks show on the occasion of CLPOA Regatta in August 2017 and Rob and his partner put on a spectacular show. For 2018 and 2019, we had a Montreal company put on what turned out to be an amazing show which was awe-inspiring to watch. This is the most attended CLPOA event with reports of over 200 boats in the lake and close to 2500- 3000 spectators during 2019 event.


I retired in 2017 after having had a very fulfilling 40 year career as a Clinical Psychologist. I am very much dedicated to the goals and the purpose of CLPOA to protect the quality of life on the lake and provide social events for cottagers.

Kathy Verduyn

(Director, Education)

The Verduyn family has enjoyed Chandos Lake since 1978 when we bought our first cottage. Over twenty-five years ago we bought a second cottage, replaced it with our dream home, and became permanent residents. Last year we downsized to a smaller, four – season cottage that we are currently renovating. Our three daughters enjoyed wonderful cottage experiences growing up, and now with their husbands and families, continue to make Chandos Lake a family destination and gathering spot. One of our daughters and her family have their own cottage on the lake.


My professional background is in the field of education. I was a teacher, school principal, Superintendent, and Director of Education for a neighbouring school board, then worked for the Ministry of Education. I have also been a Rotarian for over 10 years, serving in various roles including that of club president.


Throughout our many years on Chandos Lake, our family – now including eight grandchildren – has benefited from the hard work of C.L.P.O.A., from water quality and safety measures to social events. Now that I am retired and have more time to devote to volunteer work, I look forward to contributing to the work of this worthwhile organization.