Photo: Byles Lodge, Scott’s Landing (Reproduced from The Loon Calls with author’s permission.)

Byles Lodge


Some of the earliest summer hotels in Chandos were on West Bay… this end of Chandos Lake was one of the first to lure tourists to the township. Before World War I Michael Kennedy purchased a piece of property from Mrs. Margaret Scott at Scott’s Landing and built a fishing lodge…From 1926 to 1936 it was owned by Mrs. Bertha Byles, wife of B.H. Byles, a Peterborough hotelkeeper. Mrs. Byles operated it as a fishing camp with as many as twenty or thirty guests arriving on summer weekends. Bill Scott, grandson of the original owner of the site, who grew up nearby remembers as many as six small planes in the bay on some weekends when city sportsmen flew in for a short holiday.


Excerpt from The Loon Calls – A History of the Township of Chandos with permission of the author Jean Murray Cole.