Chandos Lake Maps

The maps are for illustration purposes only.


Chandos Lake – Watercolour & Ink Map by Emily Penrose

Emily was inspired by a conversation on the CLPOA Facebook Group about whether any maps existed showing all the names of the bays, coves, and islands on the lake. It seemed to her that there wasn’t a good map of Chandos Lake currently available that had all the info people wanted, not to mention something that could be hung up on a wall and enjoyed. So she decided to make


After lots of research, digging up every map and book she could find, plus her family’s own records (she is a fourth-generation cottager), Emily created this large, detailed watercolor and ink map of Chandos and the surrounding areas.


Emily says, “I’ve had some prints made to share with my fellow cottagers, and am thrilled with how they’ve come out — they look so much like the original I can hardly keep from mixing them up!”


Limited Edition Fine Art Print Available on Etsy.

Chandos Lake – Whimsical pencil drawn Map by Linda Liima

CLPOA 1997 Map

CLPOA 2000 Map

CLPOA 2010 Map (Available for purchase at Lakeview Cottages & Marina)

Depth Contours Map (Available for purchase at Lakeview Cottages & Marina)

  • Depth Contours
  • Contour Area
  • Lake Level Variations
  • Temperature
  • Volume

Chandos Map – Peterborough County Atlas 1825 – 1875 (UofT Archives) ℅ Becky Smith