What is the Love Chandos Lake Program?

Photo: Jason Crockett

The CLPOA strives to protect the Chandos Lake environment with its Love Chandos Lake Program. The environmental team of a Lake Steward, Love Chandos Lake Director and Love Chandos Lake Committee, work with the CLPOA Executive to protect and restore Chandos Lake and the surrounding areas. The goals of the Love Chandos Lake program are achieved through education, outreach, environmental research and monitoring, along with management when necessary.  


What are the Love Chandos Lake activities?


  • Assess Chandos Lake’s environment by regularly monitoring lake health with tests for the presence of aquatic invasive species, water clarity, dissolved phosphorous, and oxygen levels.
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to waterfront owners to improve their shorelines’ health through native shoreline plantings, erosion control measures, septic tank health, etc.
  • Work with local environmental organizations like the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA) and academic institutions such as Trent University and Western University, to complete research projects to increase understanding of environmental issues and inform best management practices.
  • Provide information tables at CLPOA events with native plant give-aways and information on topics such as locally significant environment issues, environmentally friendly practices, invasive species, septic systems, turtle crossings, etc.