CLPOA Swim Challenge

woman swimming

Swim Safely – Ensure boaters can see you.


Chandos Lake has a 75 kms* shoreline.  As a group how many times can we swim around it?


Summer 2023 is CLPOA’s 4th Annual “Around Chandos Lake” Swim Challenge.


First year – 2019

Our group swam 928kms equal to 12 times around Chandos Lake


Second year – 2021

Our group swam 1,277kms equal to 16 times around Chandos Lake


Third year – 2022

Our group swam 767kms equal to 10 times around Chandos Lake

Please join us if you:

  • Can swim or float with a noodle.
  • Can swim a little or a lot.
  • Can swim every day or just the week you are on vacation at the cottage.
  • Want to swim alone and track your own distance or create a team and work together.


One requirement – you must be swimming in Chandos Lake.


How to participate:

  1. Sign up as an individual or a team.
  2. Swim responsibly.
  3. Track your distances in metres.
  4. Submit your total on a weekly basis using the honour system.


All distances, no matter how small, will help us swim “around” Chandos Lake.


Start Date:   As soon as you are brave enough to jump in the lake.

End Date: Labour Day






  • If you swim out from the shore, use a spotter.
  • Ensure you are visible to boaters.
  • Swim with a buddy, not alone.


What counts as participation?

  • If your arms and/or legs are moving, any style – Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Dog-paddle – assisted by fins, swim noodles, flutter boards, life jackets, water wings.
  • Face in or out of the water, with or without goggles or swim mask.


What doesn’t count as participation?

  • Dipping your toe in the water
  • Floating on an air mattress
  • Swimming in a pool or another lake.


Any questions? Email


*Distance has been calculated using measuring the shoreline including all bays.