wildlife_Wendy Turk

Photo: Wendy Turk


In contrast to other reports, Chandos Lake Loons are not in decline, in fact there is a slight increase this past year from our historical average.


Photo: Benjamin Kostiuk

Chandos Lake is located in Zone 15 (Muskoka) Region, Peterborough & the Kawarthas.

Coordinates: 44.807559, -77.990415

Area: 1660.2 ha | 4102 ac | 16.6 km²


Chandos Lake Regulations:

  • Fish sanctuary – No fishing from Jan. 1 – Fri. before 3rd Sat. in May, and Dec. 1 – Dec. 31.
  • Lake Trout – None between 40-55 cm (15.7-21.7 in.)
  • The close date for Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass is Jan. 1 to the Friday before the 4th Saturday in June (CLPOA Note: That’s June 21 & 22 respectively in 2019) and Dec. 1 – 31.


Reference: Ontario Fishing Regulations Zone 15 Parry Sound, Bancroft, Pembroke, Algonquin Park


64K Four Coyote clipped from video

On Jan 25 2024 this pack of animals was spotted on the Chandos Ice.   They could be eastern wolves, coyotes or coywolves all of which belong to the Canid  family.

According to the experts a proper identification requires DNA analyses.

Many of the links below were provided by the MNR Bancroft office explaining what to do if you encounter one, and more details on these Canids.