Sticker Contest Winners 2021


With 36 entries, the judges had more than a few stickers to look at!


Incredibly, there were ties in the both the oldest sticker and longest continuous run categories.


When we started the contest we had no idea in what year the stickers started.  We now believe it to be 1974, as seven entries had that year, but nothing earlier.  The longest continuous run then became 1974 to 2019 inclusive.  We couldn’t count 2020 and 2021 as our usual distribution methods have been interrupted.  Despite all that the world throws at us and our properties, two families have the 46 year runs of stickers from 1974 to 2019.


Because we only had one prize per category, random selections were used to determine the winners. However, we want to highlight all entries with 1974 stickers, both continuous runs and the final random draw winner chosen from all entries.


Winners of the random draws…

Paterson family – Winner of a $100 gift certificate to The Barn Chefs for longest continuous run
Ernie and Ingrid Hertle – Winner of a $100 gift certificate to The Border Town for oldest sticker
Gail Lockington – Winner of a $100 gift certificate to the Hideaway Primitive Grill in the overall random draw

Continuous run 1974 to 2019

The Paterson Family


The Paterson family has been on the same property since 1934 when my grandfather Norman Paterson purchased the land and built our cottage that year. However, our family has ties to this lake going back to at least 1922, when Norman worked at McCaskies Lodge (now Lakeview Marina), this means our family will be celebrating 100 years on the lake next summer!  The stories I have heard growing up are that they were fewer than 50 cottages on the lake at the time our cottage was built.


Norman and his wife Marion, my grandmother, began spending summers on Chandos (then known as Loon) Lake, and raising their 3 children, Max, Joan, and Murray (my father) here. Of course, that generation grew up, Joan married Ron Lye and they got their own cottage on Chandos,  Max remained a bachelor and Murray married Joyce and had three sons, Larry, David and myself-Bruce.


The ownership of the property went from Norman to his wife Marion when he died, she transferred title to Max in 1971, so it was under his stewardship that the sticker collection began, when Max passed away it went to Murray in 2010, and then to me when my dad died in February of this year, making me the current custodian of the property with my wife Tammy, and eventually our kids, Jessica and Jaclyn, will take over some day. Hopefully the cottage will remain in the Paterson family for generations to come.


-Bruce Paterson

The Bolsby Family


Ed and Pat Bolsby purchased our family cottage back in 1968. Sons, daughter in-laws, grandkids and many more, have enjoyed the cottage over the past 50+ years. The glass that holds these membership stickers, comes from the original cottage dating back to the 1960s.


-Bolsby Family

Oldest Sticker - 1974

Ernie & Ingrid Hertle


My wife and I bought our Chandos Lake Cottage, 556 Knox Point Road, in the Summer of 1973 and joined the CLPOA at the first opportunity then.


We displayed our Stickers on the window facing the road.


Eight years ago we tore down our cottage to rebuild. Since the Stickers could not be removed from the window, I converted the glass pane to a big wall picture upon which we keep adding new yearly Stickers.


We (4 generations now) enjoy our most beautiful lake and have been devoted CLPOA members all along.


-Ernie & Ingrid Hertle

Nicola Gontier


My husband’s grandparents Russ and Gwen Franks bought/built the cottage in 1964. Their daughter Bev met the boy along the road, Alex Gontier and married him a decade later! The family expanded with five grandkids and six adults sharing the cottage. I was first introduced to Chandos in Feb 2004 after meeting my husband Matthew Gontier while travelling in Australia (I’m from England). We all love Chandos and can’t think of a better pace to raise our kids!


-Nicola Gontier

Gisela Miskimmin


My husband David Miskimmin, as a young bachelor, purchased the land our cottage is built on for $1,000.00 cash from Earl Vincent Trotter and Archie Osmund Oitment in 1958.


With the help of good friends, he built the cottage, without power tools, on weekends and vacation time.


He built a small wooden fishing boat in his parents basement in Toronto to which he added a 9-1/2 hp Merc motor…This boat was used to shuttle back and forth to a rental fishing cabin while the cottage was being built.
Both the boat and motor are still in our boathouse.


We are now third generation feeling so fortunate and grateful to have this special place on Chandos.


-Gisela Miskimmin

The Redpaths, Phil, Toni, Jenna, Mark (Kristin), Lindsay (Jason) and Hudson


My husband had visited Chandos as a teenager and loved it so much he planned from that time, that if it was ever possible, he would purchase a cottage on that lake. Pretty big ambition for a teenager.


His ambition turned into reality when our cottage property purchase closed on February 1998.


Since that time we, our three children, families and many friends have loved our time on Chandos.


We have met many wonderful people who have become our “cottage” families and cherish our time there.


-Toni Redpath

Bob and Sharon Smale


My husband Bob and I bought the cottage in 1974, expecting to keep it a few years only. We fell in love with it however, and Chandos Lake and raised three beautiful daughters who grew up there every summer and now have children of their own.


Our children learned all about nature and a great deal about the environment because of those early years. We never had any cash to spare so everything that needed fixing and upgrading we did ourselves and without any hydro that can be a daunting job at times I can tell you. We’ve had lots of fun and made many good memories through the years.


Although our cottage is not meant for winter, not being insulated, we did visit in winter over many years, trudging across the frozen lake; sweeping the floor of snow regularly; cutting a hole in the ice for water and enduring the joys of an outhouse in frigid temperatures. Now that’s enthusiasm!


-Bob and Sharon Smale

Overall Random Draw

Gail Lockington