“Around Chandos Lake” Swim Challenge

woman swimming

Have you ever wondered if you could swim around Chandos Lake? At 55 km of shoreline, that’s probably not feasible for any of us to consider. But if we work together this summer, tracking our cumulative swimming distances, we could do it! That’s what the “Around Chandos Lake” Swim Challenge is all about.


Whether you’re swimming freestyle or the dog paddle, a kilometre or a few metres, at your cottage or Chandos Beach – everyone, and any age, can jump in and join the fun!


There are three simple steps to participate:


  1. Sign up as an individual or member of a team (family, cottage, friends)
  2. Swim (Swimming responsibly at all times. e.g. with a spotter, never alone.)
  3. Keep track of your distance in metres (as accurately as possible, rounding up when necessary)
  4. Submit your total distance for the week using the honour system


Date: Swimming distances will be tracked for 63 days from Sat. June 29 at 7:00 am to Fri. Aug. 30 at 7:00 pm


Each Friday, between July 5 to Aug 30, participants will receive an email with a form to submit their distances for the previous 7 days.


Sat. June 29 – Kick-off with information and in-person sign-up (optional) at the Chandos Lake Art Festival (10 am – 4 pm)


Sat. Aug. 30 – Wrap-up and Results announced at the Corn & Wiener Roast (4 pm)


What counts as participation?


  • As long as your arms and/or legs are moving, any style can be used – Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Dog-paddle – assisted by fins, swim noodles, flutter boards, life jackets, water wings
  • Face in or out of the water, with or without goggles or swim mask


What doesn’t count as participation?


  • Dipping your toe in the water
  • Floating on an air mattress
  • Swimming in a pool or another lake

Any questions? Contact Joan Rocha at info@clpoa.ca or 647-532-6148.