AGM Details

Each year The Chandos Lake Property Owners Association (CLPOA) holds an Annual General Meeting “AGM” for the entire lake membership.


Details for the 2023 AGM…


Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Meeting start: 7pm EDT

Location: ZOOM, link will be sent to CLPOA Members via email on May 1st



  1. Call to Order and review of the Agenda – Chair
  2. Minutes from the 2022 AGM – Chair will ask if any corrections to minutes
  3. President’s Report – Alan Bird
  4. VP Secretary’s Report – Dave Taillefer
  5. VP Treasurer’s Report – Debbie Kirton
  6. VP Membership Report – Lyn Turnbull
  7. $50 Membership Fee – Debbie Kirton to report how members voted
  8. Waiver of audit – requires 80% of votes cast – Debbie Kirton to report result
  9. Appointment of Rafiq Dosani to conduct review engagement – Debbie Kirton to report results of voting
  10. Guest speaker – Mayor Amyotte
  11. Overview of the Boat Cleaning Station
  12. Elections – Secretary
  13. General Business – members welcomed to raise issues and ask questions



Additional information:


Electronic Voting FAQs


** Only paid CLPOA members may vote at the AGM.

If you are not a member but would like to be, please join at CLPOA Membership

AGM materials


President’s Report – Alan Bird


Secretary’s Report – Dave Taillefer


Financial Report – Debbie Kirton


Membership Report – Lyn Turnbull


2022 AGM Minutes (Pending approval at the 2023 AGM)

Questions from members: