AGM Details

Each year The Chandos Lake Property Owners Association (CLPOA) holds an Annual General Meeting “AGM” for the entire lake membership.


Details for the 2021 AGM…


Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Meeting start: 7pm EDT

Location: Join CLPOA AGM Zoom video Meeting


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  1. Call to Order and review of the Agenda – Chair
  2. Guest speakers: Sgt. David Moffatt, OPP Marine unit and TBC Mr. Terry Rees, FOCA President
  3. Minutes from the 2020 AGM – Chair will ask if any corrections to minutes
  4. President’s Report – Alan Bird
  5. VP Secretary’s Report – Brigette Walenius
  6. Presentation of Financial Reports by Treasurer – Debbie Kirton
  7. Membership Secretary’s Report – Lyn Turnbull
  8. $50 Membership Fee – Debbie Kirton to report how members voted
  9. Waiver of audit – requires 80% of votes cast – Debbie Kirton to report result
  10. Appointment of Rafiq Dosani to conduct review engagement – Debbie Kirton to report results of voting
  11. Eleven Constitutional Amendments – Secretary to report on results of voting
  12. Elections – Secretary
  13. General Business – members welcomed to raise issues and ask questions



Additional information:


Electronic Voting FAQs


** Only paid CLPOA members may vote at the AGM and this year’s voting will include changes to the constitution.

If you are not a member but would like to be, please join at CLPOA Membership

AGM materials


President’s Report – Alan Bird


Secretary’s Report – Brigette Walenius


Financial Report – Debbie Kirton


Membership Report – Lyn Turnbull


2020 AGM Minutes

Questions from members:



Firstly, I am so pleased that CLPOA includes charitable donations as part of its mandate. I was wondering when these donations are made are members made aware? It is helpful to encourage support when people know who they are helping. Perhaps I have not seen any notification in the past.

Secondly, under the duties of Board members it states:

Officers shall be responsible for the duties assigned to them and they may delegate to others the performance of any or all of such duties.

I am having questions about the wording “any or all” of their duties. When would an officer delegate ALL of their duties and to whom would they delegate them?


Regarding community support, the current CLPOA board is trying to bring some governance around how this is done. In the past, donations have been given to the NK Food Bank as well as to Community Care and to events like the Hawkes Bay Winter Festival. These are listed in the CLPOA financial statements and in each budget. Last year an email was sent to members regarding donations of $2,000 to each of Food bank and Community Care. That said, we take your point and will try to communicate more about these donations as we improve the governance around them.

Regarding officers delegating their duties, this language comes from the Ontario government’s draft ONCA by-law. We chose to replicate this language in the CLPOA by-law as it matches current CLPOA practice: the Treasurer is currently supported by an Assistant Treasurer for accounting duties; and, the board is considering appointing an Assistant Secretary to support the Secretary with minute-taking and meeting prep. Further, as some officers work full-time, this gives the flexibility to get support from others when time is short.