Electronic Voting FAQs

2020 will be the first time the Chandos Lake Property Owners Association will be offering the option of electronic voting.  While planned prior to the COVID-19 crisis, advance voting will now be the only option as the AGM will be held via conference call.


Q. When will the electronic vote happen?

A. Electronic voting will be open from 9am EDT on June 25 to 8pm EDT July 2, 2020. Vote emails will go out at the beginning of the voting period and access will automatically be closed at the end.


Q. Who will be allowed to vote?

A. Vote emails will be sent to all active members. Members are deemed to be active if they are paid up as of June 22, 2020. Each email can be used for one vote.


Q. Will my vote be anonymous?

A. Voting will be anonymous, meaning that it will be recorded that you did vote, but not how.


Q. Can I vote for some items electronically and others in person at the AGM?

A. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, voting will only be possible in advance.  The AGM will be held via conference call on July 5, 2020, but voting will not be possible during this meeting.


Q. Can I go back and change my electronic vote?

A. Once an electronic vote is submitted it cannot be edited. The plan is to have only about 10 questions on one page.


Q. Will there be any problems with electronic voting?

A. We are using Survey Monkey – a very well known survey/voting system.  We have seen some cases during testing where the vote email went to the recipient’s junk/bulk folder.  Please check your junk/bulk folder if you can’t find the email in the usual inbox.